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Our online labs are the perfect place to learn about web application security.

We have over 300 exercises, covering virtually every kind of security vulnerability found in the wild. There are numerous challenges to suit novices and pros, and everyone in between.

You access the labs on-demand, and only pay for the time that you spend. You can work through the exercises at your own pace, in any order. With a minimum purchase of 5 hours, you can take a quick refresher on a few selected areas. Or if you prefer, there is enough material to spend several days working through every area of web application security, to develop and enhance your skills.

The labs are created by recognized experts, the authors of The Web Application Hacker's Handbook. The second edition of the book contains links to these labs throughout, allowing you to read the background and theory behind each vulnerability, and then try it for yourself online.

When you launch a labs session, you'll be given your own dedicated server, which you can work on without interference from other subscribers, or worrying about doing any damage yourself. You can run your session for as little or as long as you like (in hourly increments), and then take a break and resume your learning later.

The online labs are inexpensive, with an hourly cost of only $7. This low cost, together with the flexible on-demand usage model, means you can take the labs at your own pace as you get to grips with each vulnerability area.

We also offer an enterprise license option, with unmetered multi-user access to the labs, and numerous other benefits.

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